Join Carol Brieseman, primary teacher and winner of the 2018 Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize, and Greta Dromgool from the Science Learning Hub in a session exploring the vast potential of Online Citizen Science (OCS).

OCS involves non-scientists contributing to science projects using the internet. This process can provide a richness and flexibility that, when planned for, offers authentic opportunities for practising science capabilities and engaging in real, meaningful science.

Learn from teachers’ who have successfully utilised OCS in their classrooms and discover the new and exciting resources the Science Learning Hub Citizen science section has to offer. At the end of this webinar you will develop the confidence and understanding to use OCS effectively with your class to grow student learning and engagement with science.

This session will be valuable for primary through to secondary school teachers.

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Joining the webinar

Follow these simple steps to join our webinar:

  1. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android by clicking on the link and following the instructions. You can also access Zoom on your phone, just follow the prompts.
  2. Find the chat box located in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. You may need to access this by clicking on ‘More’.
  3. Using the chat box, introduce yourself, where you teach and, if you are in a group, how many people are there.
  4. Set up your screen for optimal viewing. If you’re using a mobile device, you may wish to view in landscape. We recommend selecting a thumbnail view of the presenters – this way you can easily see what is being shared on the screen.

Then you can:

  1. watch, listen and respond via chat to the presentation and discussion
  2. ask questions using the chat box at any time
  3. continue your learning on Slack – our online discussion forum.

The Science Learning Hub team will be there to support you and answer questions.

PLD certification

We currently offer recognition of teachers’ involvement in our online PLD.

To qualify for a professional learning and development certificate, teachers must:

  • register for and watch the live webinar or let us know they have viewed the recorded version once it is published on the website
  • register in Slack and participate in our discussions about citizen science or in the Slack learning reflections channel.

More on citizen science

Watch primary teacher and 2018 Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize winner, Carol Brieseman talk about her experience of using online citizen science in the classroom in this video.

The number of opportunities to be involved as citizen scientists continues to grow, and teachers are increasingly using them to make science education more relevant and engaging and to develop students’ science capabilities. Find out what being a citizen scientist means in this article.

The webinar mentions a range of projects, explore these and more in the Citizen science section on the Science Learning Hub. Find one that sparks an interest and see these tips for planning your science programme.

The Hub also has articles and other PLD under the citizen science topic.

This webinar is part two of a series on citizen science. Check out the first webinar Getting started with citizen science.

Check out the large collection of citizen science resources that we have curated in this Pinterest board.

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