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TVNZ Innovation Stories

Innovation Stories is a series of exciting and entertaining short video clips featuring 14 innovative Kiwi companies.

Produced in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the series featured on TVNZ 7 during the Spotlight on Science + Innovation month in August 2011.

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1. Revolution Fibres

Revolution Fibres

2. Rakon


3. Comvita


4. Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel

5. PowerbyProxi


6. YikeBike


7. Dynamic Controls

Dynamic Controls

8. Magritek


9. SmallWorlds


10. Iwi eel research

Iwi eel research

11. Unlimited Realities

Unlimited Realities

12. OBO


13. Zephyr Technology

Zephyr Technology

14. Maraeroa C

Maraeroa C

Each video clip features a company that has been chosen for its originality and creativity as well as its unique and fascinating products or services. Harnessing the characters and innovations from each of these organisations, Innovation Stories takes viewers inside the exciting development processes to explain the science and technology behind the products.

Innovation Stories illustrates how science and technology contribute to the growth and development of Kiwi companies and industries and help solve some of the issues currently facing society.

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