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Threats to biodiversity

Activity idea

In this student activity, students research one of three aspects of biodiversity loss – direct species loss, habitat loss, or pests and weeds.


  1. Read the Hub article on biodiversity.
  2. Your teacher will divide the class into groups, and allocate one of the three ways in which New Zealand has suffered biodiversity loss for you to research - direct species loss, habitat loss, or pests and weeds.
  3. Use links within the Hub and links to resources outside the Hub to find out:
    • the time scale of the loss
    • the historic reasons behind the loss
    • the scale of the loss
    • what measures are in place to prevent further biodiversity loss in that way.
  4. Present your findings to the class.
  5. As a class, discuss why biodiversity is important – culturally, ethically, food web, bioprospecting (the search for compounds useful to humans).


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