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Harnessing the Sun

Scientists have learned to harness the Sun, transforming its energy to meet our need.

Long, long ago in the mystical land of Aotearoa, Māui gave much thought to the Sun. The people of the land worked long and hard but never seemed to get what they wanted done. They came to the realisation they needed more hours of sunlight. They needed the Sun for its light and heat to help with them with their crops, their fishing, their housing, food preparation and their living. Māui concluded one thing: we need to harness the Sun!

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Scientists today know the Sun produces huge amounts of energy. Some of this energy is radiated to the Earth. They know the Sun’s energy is essential for life on Earth. It provides all living things with food, and it warms the Earth.

Scientists have learned that the Sun’s energy is transformed to different forms of energy on Earth (such as food energy and heat energy). Scientists are now discovering that they can transform some of this energy themselves – to make electricity. They are learning to harness the Sun!

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