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Ever Wondered? Series 2

Ever Wondered? Series 2 featured on TVNZ 7 during August–October 2011. Presented in partnership with The Royal Society of New Zealand and hosted by Dr John Watt, the series features an exciting range of science stories.

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Local series Ever Wondered? is back with an informative new season for Spotlight on Science + Innovation 2011, a TVNZ 7 campaign supported by Ministry of Science + Innovation. Presented in partnership with The Royal Society of New Zealand, the series transports the frontline of New Zealand science and innovation into the homes of TVNZ 7 viewers. 

MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year 2009 Dr John Watt again presents the 10-part series. In each 30-minute episode, John asks the big questions, explores the major breakthroughs and investigates some of the world-changing discoveries that are happening right here in Aotearoa.

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