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New Zealand Society of Soil Science

The New Zealand Society of Soil Science is a professional society that aims to encourage the advancement of soil science.

The Society’s goals include:

  • increasing the understanding of soil as a natural and sustainable resource
  • promoting the study of soils at all educational levels
  • promoting sound management of the environment based on an understanding of soils and their importance in ecosystems
  • providing national and regional guidance on issues concerning land and soil resources.

People from many different professions belong to the Society. They include professional soil scientists like Dr Trish Fraser and Dr Nicole Schon, as well as people from environmental, agricultural, educational and political/regulatory fields.

The Society has a number of awards that recognise excellence in the field of soil science. The Norman Taylor Memorial Lecture is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to soil science in New Zealand. Dr Trish Fraser received this award in 2009 and gave her address ‘The turn of the lowly earthworm’ at a number of locations around the country.

Dr Nicole Schon was the 2011 winner of the Society’s Morice Fieldes memorial award for a PhD thesis of exceptional merit.

The Society also sponsors awards at regional science fairs that recognise special achievement in projects involving soil science.

This article is based on information current in 2012.


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