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Question Bank

An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about The Noisy Reef and indicates where their answers can be found.

List of Question Bank items

The Noisy Reef questions.

The Noisy Reef

The question bank provides a range of questions that teachers and students might ask about The Noisy Reef.

Q. What cues do crab larvae use to find a suitable reef habitat for settlement?
Q. What three things are needed for sound to be heard?
Q. Does sound under water travel faster or slower than sound travelling through air?
Q. What two species are the noisiest on New Zealand reefs?
Q. What non-visual sensory systems do fish have that humans don’t?
Q. An increase of which of the following would result in an increase in the loudness of a sound: frequency, amplitude, pitch or rhythm?
Q. How do scientists measure sound under water?
Q. What sea creature can act as a Helmholtz resonator?

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