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An inquiry approach is a method often used in science education. The question bank provides an initial list of questions about Pollination and places where their answers can be found.

List of Question Bank items

Pollination questions.


This question bank helps you answer some questions you might ask yourself about flowers and pollination in general and in New Zealand.

Q. Why do some plants have flowers?
Q. How can you tell which flowers are pollinated by animals or the wind?
Q. Are seeds the only way flowering plants have of making new plants?
Q. Does it matter if pollen gets carried between flowers on the same plant?
Q. Many flowers need animals to pollinate them, but what do these pollinators get out of it?
Q. Pollination is vital for flowers, but is it important to humans?
Q. What’s the difference between pollination and fertilisation?
Q. What’s it like working with honey bees – aren’t they dangerous?
Q. What are some unusual mechanisms flowers in New Zealand use to get pollinated?
Q. Some New Zealand plants are pollinated by native birds, so what happens if the birds aren’t around?
Q. Why have scientists only recently been investigating bird pollination in New Zealand?

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