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Day after tomorrow

The film The Day After Tomorrow got Leah interested in climate and weather. She was interested in things like twisters and extreme weather events. Through her degree in Earth Science she was able to study some weather patterns.

Points of interest for teachers:
Scientists find their inspiration and interest at times through reading interesting information, talking to other people and as the example shows sometimes even from watching movies. Students may want to consider what sparked their interest in an issue or something that made them want to find out more.


Actually I have to say it was a film. It was The Day After Tomorrow – and the climate change and the abrupt nature of it, actually got me interested in the weather events, like twisters and you know big massive storms and such. So I did my Bachelor of Science doing Earth and Ocean Sciences here and I kept it pretty broad. I did some of the soil sciences, the oceanography, the hydrology courses. The Master of Science is also in Earth and Ocean Sciences, so the earth science degree was just a way to get into that and to study that and understand some weather patterns a bit more and yeah. I guess it’s really weird hearing me say it’s actually from a film but it, it was that interest that got me started in the earth science direction.


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