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The contexts are the heart of the Hub, each exploring a major theme or idea and providing a gateway to related content and explorations. Each context is supported by a range of collections including multimedia files, classroom resources based on the requirements of the New Zealand science curriculum, and the stories of New Zealand’s science and technology sector in action.

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Context collections

Tōku Awa Koiora

Restoring and protecting the river’s health and wellbeing

Soil, Farming and Science

Applying science to improve farming and the environment


Learning about natural and artificial satellites

A Fizzy Rock

Exploring limestone’s geology, biology, chemistry and uses.


Delving into the world of poisons


The colourful world of flowers and their pollinators

Light and Sight

If there is no light, there is no sight

Exploring with Microscopes

Taking a closer look at our world


Taking science and technology to new heights

Showing 9 of 36 contexts
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