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A glossary of science-related words.

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Glossary terms A–Z definitions


A square (of either metal, wood or plastic) used in ecology and geography to isolate a sample.


Looking at the qualities/description of something; a non-numerical examination.


Looking at numerical aspects of something; measuring and comparing something in units.

quantum dot

A semiconductor nanocrystal, which can give out light when excited. Different size particles give off different colours.


Placing humans, animals or plants in an area that prevents any diseases they might be carrying getting into the environment.


A very commonly occurring mineral made up of a network of tetrahedrally bonded silicon and oxygen atoms.


An extremely distant and old celestial object outside of our galaxy. They appear star-like but have power outputs several thousand times that of our entire galaxy. They may be the centre of other galaxies, with their brilliance coming from stars and gases being sucked into a black hole at their nucleus.


The common name for the chemical compound calcium oxide.

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